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Aguilar was born in Madrid in 1958, son of the doctor and writer Miguel de Aguilar Merlo. A cinemaphile and avid reader since he was a teenager, he began writing unpublished short stories, film reviews and articles while still in school. In 1976, he enrolled in the psychology program at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and in 1978 he began publishing articles in the "fandom", in both Spain and France. In 1980 he edited the first Spanish fanzine .in the Fantasy and Horror genre, Morpho, of which four issues would later appear..

In 1982, as a result of Morpho ´s succes ,   Aguilar received two offers to work professionally: to write in various cinema magazines in Barcelona, and to collaborate in the Festival de Cine Imaginario de Madrid. Thus, while studying cinema in the Taller de Artes Imaginarias, Aguilar´s long and multi-faceted career began. His facets include cinema critic, journalist, collaborator with entities such as the Fimoteca Española, AISGE, and Federacion Nacional de Cineclubs. He has directed conferences and cinema forums. He has worked as assistant director and press agent on various films and has been a member of the executive committee of several fim festivals. (Madrid, Cadiz, Tenerife, Trieste etc.)

Carlos Aguilar lives in Madrid with his wife, the Canadian writer Anita Haas.